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Pupils are at Codsall Middle School for four years, during which time they experience a varied and broad curriculum which we endeavour to enrich with many stimulating learning opportunities. Throughout their time at the school, we use the GL Assessments suite of progress tests to provide nationally moderated and verified assessments for pupils. They show that during their four year journey at the school, pupils make excellent progress and by the time they leave at the end of Year 8, they are attaining significantly above other pupils nationally. 

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Key Stage 2 Assessments

Five terms after starting Codsall Middle School, pupils complete their SATs. At Codsall Middle School, we are resolute in maintaining a broad curriculum that we do not narrow to prepare for these tests. Our pupils continue to enjoy the full range of learning and enrichment, and we work hard to minimise the stress that these assessments place on pupils and staff.


At this midpoint in the CMS journey, our pupils' attainment is generally in line with national figures.

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