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Enrichment Opportunities

Codsall Middle School has a broad and balanced curriculum that is supplemented with educational and social opportunities, occuring both inside and outside the classroom. Each pupil is provided with a broad spectrum of activities to develop their skills, intellect and character, whether their interests are in the arts, in academic matters, in the great outdoors, in relaxing and socialising or in sport.


 We value the importance of sport in our pupils’ lives. As well as gaining an understanding of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, pupils develop determination, motivation and team spirit. These attributes help maximise success throughout the rest of the curriculum. 


Happening this year at CMS…

  • School Concerts

  • Codsall’s Got Talent

  • Charity events

  • Fair Trade fundraising

  • Curriculum visits (e.g.  Space Centre, Imperial War Museum and Think Tank)

  • Team building days for new pupils

  • Guest speakers, artists and authors, theme weeks

  • Regular sports fixtures/ leagues

  • Breakfast club

  • Sports clubs every day – before school, at lunch and after school

  • Choir

  • Musical ensembles (including School Band and Open Rehearsals)

  • Young voices

  • Magistrates Court competition

  • DT club

  • Computing club,

  • Science club

  • Geog Eco club

  • Dance club and Just Dance club

  • Advanced History club

  • Baking club

  • Dungeons and Dragons club

  • Gardening club

  • Art club

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