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Our curriculum has always been a significant strength of our provision and we believe it sets us apart from other providers. It is our passionate belief that for our children to be successful they should experience a balanced and varied curriculum. We will never narrow our provision to the detriment of our desire to develop and engage the whole child as a happy, successful lifelong learner across the range of all subject disciplines.  


We want our pupils to be confident and productive Codsall citizens who contribute enthusiastically to the world around them: to this, our school values of ‘Considerate, Ambitious and Proud’ are central.  


We have always fully understood that it is our role to prepare our pupils for a constantly evolving world. Through a combination of innovative, specialist teaching and independent learning, pupils are given the opportunity to develop the skills to achieve highly in all areas as capable lifelong learners. It is crucial to us that our pupils are self-motivated, creative and have the ability to work as part of a team. We teach them to be ‘Responsible, Reflective and Resilient’ learners who know what good learning is and who take responsibility for their own learning journey.  


We set challenging but achievable targets and monitor pupils' progress to ensure that their academic goals are reached. We support and extend our pupils' passion for learning, fostered by our staff's passion for teaching and a broad range of opportunities to enrich our curriculum. 

To find out more about our broad curriculum, simply 'click' on the images below.

What are we learning about at CMS Summer 2024.JPG
Year 5 Curriculum 2023-2024 Latest.PNG
Year 6 Curriculum 2023-2024 Latest.PNG
Year 7 Curriculum 2023-2024 Latest.PNG
Year 8 Curriculum 2023-2024 Latest.PNG
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