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At CMS the wellbeing and mental health of our pupils is priority

as we believe that happy children are better equipped to be

effective learners.


However, we appreciate that everyone, from time to time, needs additional support with their wellbeing and mental health. With this in mind we have many strategies and initiatives within school to support children:


  • Nurture Room run by the TA’s to provide a safe space should pupils need some time out to discuss their emotions outside of the classroom.

  • Wellbeing Support run by our dedicated wellbeing and emotional Literacy trained colleague.

  • Respite room to allow pupils to access learning away from peers.

  • Insight counselling for pupils who need discreet interventions for example bereavement or trauma.

  • Other Wellbeing initiatives like external speakers, Bushcraft, enrichment activities.

Wellbeing and mental health isn’t static and can change at any point within a child’s day. Therefore, we use the threshold model below to help us identify the appropriate support to offer.


If at any point you believe that your child needs support with their wellbeing and or mental health please contact us so that we can appropriately signpost your child to the best person or intervention.

External Support

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