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Local Academy Boards

Welcome to Codsall Middle School (CMS). The school is Governed centrally by Codsall Multi Academy Trust (CMAT). Local Academy Boards (LABs) have been established to provide local knowledge, understanding, support and compliance for 'Teaching & Learning' and 'Safeguarding & Wellbeing'

CMAT, supported by the LABs are here to establish the vision for the school and measure the impact of learning to ensure every student meets their full potential. The wellbeing and mental health of all our students is one of our key priorities, as a happy health child will engage fully with diverse & vibrant teaching opportunities. 

Mr Peter Bowers



Mrs Kirstin Reade

Head of School

Mr Tyrone Field

Chair of CMAT Board

Mr Danny Smith

LAB Leader

Teaching & Learning LAB

Mr Danny Smith - CMS LAB Leader

Mrs Kirstin Reade - Head of School

Mr Nick Rose

Mrs Beth Reynolds

Mrs Esther Cuthill

Mr Tom Callicott

Mr Ryan Gough (CMAT Teaching & Learning Lead)

Mrs Sarbjit Thompson

Mrs Philippa Griffiths

Miss Laura Davies (CMS SEND Coordinator)

SEN & Safeguarding LAB 

Mr Danny Smith - CMS LAB Leader

Mrs Kirstin Reade - Head of School

Mr Stephen Rhodes

Mrs Sue Kempson

Mrs Nicola Taylor

Mrs Sally Rowen

Mrs Ruth Connolly (CMAT SEN Coordinator)

Miss Laura Davies (CMS SEN Coordinator)

Mrs Michelle Davison

Mrs Sally Deas

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sally Deas

Assistant Headteacher

Nominated Governor for Safeguarding 

Mr Danny Smith

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